This visualization tool allows simulating various scenarios regarding autonomy support in Quebec by 2040 using the SimSAD model. The graphs depict the evolution of each indicator from 2023 to 2040 (difference between 2040 and 2023).

You can choose the values of five parameters used in the scenarios of the report Horizon 2040 : des mesures concrètes pour un virage vers le soutien à domicile. To personalize your scenario, simply select the desired value in the boxes below.

* Parameters of the alternative scenario analyzed in the report

Acronyms List:

  • AVD : Activities of Daily Living (also referred to as domestic tasks)
  • AVQ : Activities of Daily Living
  • CHSLD : Long-term Care Facility
  • EESAD : Social economy enterprises in home assistance
  • ETC : Full-Time Equivalent
  • Iso-SMAF : Profile (from 1 to 14) used to identify users’ needs for autonomy support based on the Functional Autonomy Measurement System (SMAF)
  • MSSS : Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • RPA : Private Seniors’ Residence
  • SAD : Home Support